Your Gift's Impact

Midlands Technical College gives students a top-notch education along with the real-world knowledge and skills needed for a sustainable career. 

As we look to the future, we are mindful of the growing demand for skilled employees in South Carolina. There is a lack of qualified workers for middle-skilled jobs—those requiring some education after high school, but not a four-year degree. MTC has developed specific training programs that address the needs of local businesses. Graduates can transition directly to lucrative jobs, which keeps talented workers in South Carolina and stimulates our economy. 

MTC Creates a Skilled Workforce

  • Along with local businesses, MTC has identified four areas of industry where workers are desperately needed in our state—Healthcare, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, and Alternate Energy. MTC has created specific programs designed to train workers to fill these job gaps.
  • MTC activities encourage new business, assist existing business, and create long-term economic growth.
  • MTC enhances worker skills and provides customized training to local businesses.

Student Success 

Midlands Technical College is committed to ensuring that students can pursue their studies regardless of their ability to pay the full cost of tuition.

When you give to Midlands Technical College, you are investing in the future of our students, the future of South Carolina, and the future of our economy.

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